Top 5 Asian Porn Stars

Some of the best Asian escorts in London are first known as top Asian porn stars; they started out their career by signing themselves up for either homemade porn videos or professionally made porn videos that have become trending on the internet.

Here are 5 of the best Asian porn stars who have also been paid as escorts in london, some continue to work and are still famous online and all over the world, while some have already ventured into other careers.

1. Maria Ozawa

She has started her career way back in 2005, she is known for films like The Geisha, G Style 7, Member’s Soap including Platinum and Sky Angel.

Maria Ozawa was a stunning Japanese London escort then turned porn star; she is also half French Canadian but acts as an all Asian woman through her personality. London escorts can Lear a few things from her about being truly Asian.

She loves dressing up like an underage school girl; she also loves playing video games and taking pictures of her food while she eats on social networks.

She has also starred in a number of weird Japanese porn flicks as well as manga tentacle porn.

2. Miko Sinz

This famous Asian porn star is known for her work in Asian Poke Holes 2, Cum FU 5, Fuck For Dollars#2, as well as other porn movies like Rich Little Bitch and Young Asian Cuties 4.

She also has her own website, where her work can be seen, fans can view some of her work from 2006 until 2011 at

She is a Korean, and she can create a number of erotic poses, she was once known for working as a bank teller in London before she decided to become an Asian porn star.


3. Miko Lee

Miko Less was another popular escorts in London and then became a top Asian porn star, she is best known for her roles like Babes in Pornland 3, Chasing the Big Ones 12, East Meets West 2, Miko Lee AKA Filthy Whore, including that of films titled like Johnny Wadd titled Wild Thing.

Some of her recent work up to 2005 can be viewed in mikolee and her twitter account is @miko_lee.

She is a petite woman, and has a compact frame the kind all London escorts would die for, she is known for starring in roles like savage sex sessions. She is a Vietnamese with a blood of Chinese. She was nominated for her role as a Best Starlet in 2000m and after that she transitioned and became a film maker under the name Miko Lee.

She also becomes an executive producer for the famous epic Spartacus XXX and has a cameo bit.

Mia Lelani Asian Porn Star

4. Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka is known for her roles in porn films like Asian School Girls, AZN Pop 2, Slant Eyed Sluts, Tunnel Vision 3, including films like Yellow Fever 2, as well as Young Asian Cuties 4.

She also starred in hard core porn films, but soon transitioned into other scenes, she is

Vietnamese but has French blood, she is already retired but her videos continue to be viewed by men all over the world during the lonely nights.

5. Jessica Bangkok

She started becoming active as an Asian porn star in 2007, she starred in films like Cockasian 4, The Doctor 2, Inside the Orient 2, She;s Gonna Blow including that of Fornic Asian.

She has her own website, , she is known for being a hellcat and for having a wicket libido. She is mostly known for her roles as a MILF or a cougar, and she is known for her widely aggressive behavior.