How do London escorts inform people about birth control?


One of my London escorts friends from said that one of her friends had told her that it is more difficult to become pregnant once you have been on the Pill. It is totally untrue and the truth is that the Pill can help to reintroduce regular ovulation. If you are trying for a baby and have not been on the Pill, try taking the Pill for a while and then come off it. This will more likely help you to ovulate and this can in turn increase your chances of becoming pregnant. This advice applies to everybody but especially ladies in their late 30’s. A complete lie told to my London escorts friends.

My Pill makes me put on weight. Okay, in that case you are on the wrong Pill and should change. Most of the time this is not true anyway, and I told my London friends that you do not retain water when taking the Pill. This is another urban myth spread by people who don’t know what they are talking about. Many of my London escorts friends did not realize that the hormones in the Pill can actually help you to balance your hormones, and this leads to better weight management.

Why can’t we talk about health in an open format, why do we have to have all of this scare mongering? It often makes me very angry and I think it isn’t necessary. There are many dangers medications and you should always pay attention to what you put in your body. I would recommend the Pill to most ladies unless they have a certain medical history that does not suit the Pill. At the same time I would like to encourage all ladies to remember that the Pill does not protect you from sexual disease such as Chlamydia or HIV, so stay safe and use a condom.


A couple of my London escorts friends are on the Pill and some of them are a bit worried about it. They say that it can cause a lot of diseases and health problems. To be honest, the Pill has a really bad press and most of what is written about it is not true. I told my London escorts friends that the Pill can indeed cause some problems for certain people, but so can many other prescription medications. The truth is that aspirin probably does a lot more harm than the Pill. A lot of us take aspirin based products without even knowing that they contain aspirin.

At the moment 9 out 10 London escorts are on the Pill and they say that they feel great. However, they do have some friends who say that the Pill is really bad for them. In most cases this is not true and I have told my London escorts friends that they should ask their friends to supply proof of the harmful effects of the Pill. I know that the Pill can help to make you feel better and may even stop some diseases which are related to hormonal problems such as problems with ovulation.

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